The partners in the GreenCem project are Aalborg Portland, Aalborg University, DFDS, Aalborg Energi Holding, Port of Aalborg, REintegrate and Hydrogen Valley. COWI is represented in the project as a consultant. 

Aalborg Portland

Aalborg Portland is a danish cement-producing company located in Aalborg, Denmark. Aalborg Portland is part of the Cementir Group which is a multinational Group operating in the building materials sector with operations in 18 countries and a production capacity of over 13 million tonnes between white and grey cement. The Group represents a reference point both in the construction and maintenance of infrastructures as well as in residential and commercial construction.

Port of Aalborg

Port of Aalborg is a modern inland port with a 360 degree view, multimodal logistics solutions, and an unambiguous focus on supporting the realization of Aalborg Municipality’s business and sustainability strategy. Port of Aalborg has a very ambitious plan to expand its operation into the renewable energy area. With the GreenCem project, Port of Aalborg is interested in developing facilities to handle and store green e-fuels as a part of its focus on growing its surrounding business park. 

Aalborg Energi Holding

Aalborg Energi Holding is a supplier of energy and environmental services and is responsible for the operation of the district heating grid in the city of Aalborg and its surrounding areas. Aalborg Energi Holding is focused and committed in its efforts towards the green transition and is actively engaged in green development of its services.


REintegrate is a state-of-the-art R&D company originating as a spinout project from Aalborg University from 2018 with two founders holding a M.Sc. degree in economics and technical PhD. degree, respectively. REintegrate is involved in the commercialization of PtX technology using CO2 and hydrogen as building blocks for e-methanol and derived e-fuels. Additionally, REintegrate is engaged in project development, techno-economic assessment, front-end-engineering-design and construction of PtX plants.

Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a leading research institution within the field of hydrogen technology. The Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg has recently initiated a research program in electro-fuels. The Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University holds about 180 employees which includes around 80 Ph.D. students.  The department’s engagement and work in the field has fostered several innovative ideas and projects in which some may prove to be patentable. Aalborg University engage in an ambitious development project like GreenCem to further strengthen the already very strong international position in renewable energy.

Hydrogen Valley

Hydrogen Valley is a non-profit organization with the purpose of nurturing regional business development in renewable energy and hydrogen technologies in particular. As a competence center, Hydrogen Valley is committed to supporting the green transition through project development activities and by supporting technological advances in the energy sector. 


DFDS is a Danish international shipping and logistics company. It is one of the leading shipping company of its kind in Northern Europe. DFDS is generally concentrated on freight and passenger traffic within the North Sea and towards the Baltic Sea and operates a network of around 25 routes with a large fleet of freights and passenger ships in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the English Channel under the name DFDS Seaways. Rail and land based haulage and container activities are operated by DFDS Logistics. As a leading passenger ferry operator, DFDS is interested in the GreenCem’s project activities in green fuels such as e-methanol as a potential way to reduce the CO2 footprint in the shipping and logistics sector.


I/S Reno-Nord engages in environmentally friendly handling, sorting and disposal of waste from municipalities, companies, and private citizens. In relation to these activities, I/S Reno-Nord operates a waste-to-energy plant which produces heat and electricity through incineration of residual waste. I/S Reno-Nord is committed to utilize and implement technologies into its processes that are beneficial to the environment and climate.